The charm of the rustic pie is that it is shaped quickly and simply!

 Of course, you have to prepare your own shortbread which is better and better than the commercial one but if you don’t have time, you are forgiven and you can use the commercial one

My rustic pie, I decorated it with pretty thin slices of pears and before placing them, I sprinkled the dough with almond powder which will allow to absorb the juice of the pear and that the shortbread does not get wet.


In a bowl, pour the flour, the butter and the salt. Blend with your fingertips until the texture is sandy. Form a well in the center, attach the sugar, vanilla sugar, egg yolk and water.

Mix and knead the dough lightly (for a maximum of one minute). Make a ball, cover it in plastic wrap and let it rest for 1 hour in the refrigerator.

Cut each pear in half without peeling them and using a mandolin, thinly slice the half pears.

Spread out the dough in a circle on a floured work surface. Put the circle of dough on a plate covered with parchment paper. Lightly prick the middle of the dough with a fork, leaving a 4 cm border.

Place the almond powder and the pear slices in the middle and sprinkle with 3 tablespoons of sugar.

Crimp the edges of the dough over the pears and sprinkle the edges with the tablespoon of remaining sugar.

Bake for 35 min in an broiler preheated to 180 ° C.

Let cool before tasting this very good pie.